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I help companies and organizations increase revenue or decrease costs, through surgical statistics

How to value data through statistics?

Many companies and organizations have a modest or large amount of data, stored in various ways: databases such as SQL servers, spreadsheets such as those in Google or Excel, within accounting software. Often that data is left to their own, creating an opportunity cost. In the statistical consulting I use a variety of data scientist's tools to help your small or medium-sized business or organization:

Find meanings

Statistical significance allows you to test whether hypotheses are reflected in reality. For example, do people who live in the city buy more than people who live in a rural area?

Build models

They allow you to understand what variables explain the phenomenon of your interest, from turnover to the amount of people who decide to help you in volunteering.

Visualize data

It allows to rule out hypotjesis, variables to include in the models, to get an overview of some key performance indicators (KPIs).

Why choose STATiCalmo?

Use cases

Saving thousands in advertising, increasing revenue with ads, increasing personnel yield, finding statistically more profitable choices

Relative slowness

Coming up with ideas on how to use the data in some cases requires technical time, such as alcoholic fermentation in the case of wine or the curing times of concrete linings.


Saprò consigliarti se effettivamente hai bisogno di una soluzione statistica o di altra natura, in modo da valorizzare il tuo budget e la tua richiesta.

FeatureSTATiCalmoData Scientist or
Large consulting


Working with Gabriele was more than just about executing the task. He acted as a good thought partner to consider possible solutions and find most the effective ones. He does his job well.
Gabriele helped me with a complex regression task on financial data. He is very knowledgeable and has lots of experience building statistical models. I will hire him again for such tasks in future.
very co-operative guy because he considered my situation and did me a big favor. He also taught me Tableau has a quick way to aggregate date-time data and faster ways to do explorative data analysis than python, especially with large datasets like my case. He also tuned the LSTM model in a way it took the least amount of time
Was very helpful, providing an out of the box and unique solution
Work completed successfully and on time.
Gabriele knows his stuff, and went the extra mile to make sure I get the best result - even showing me things I didn't know were possible.
If you're looking for someone who really cares about what you end up with, I really recommend working with this wonderful person

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