They named me Gabriele, last name Giordano, born and raised in Lombardy, Italy. I attended a commercial technical institute and an industrial technical institute.
The passion for science has had a not obvious path. When 8 years old, I read educational science books, and physiology became my first interest. However, at that age, I cultivated only the drawing. My grandfather made me appreciate that art: he portrayed polygonal shapes very well even at a certain age.
Thanks also to him, they awarded twice for winning two drawing contests.

Interest in science during middle school waned: the teacher of mathematics also taught science, and among parents and students most believed that she did not feel passionate about the subjects she taught.

A flare of interest resurfaced toward the beginning of eighth grade because of what they did at CERN at the time.

I created my first website in 2009, encouraged by my brother, which I deleted by mistake. It initially dealt with astronomy.
The idea for the science site had come about by vigorously reading and flipping through a textbook from the upper-secondary high school classes called "This Planet."

In that upper-secondary high school period I had the luck to meet two professors who strongly supported my interest in science.

In mid-October 2010, I participated in a couple of events seen thanks to Facebook. I got rewarded in both cases, not only materially, but also intellectually.
Also in October, I started reading popular science books.

Un giovane Gabriele con il suo secondo telescopio (dobson 8″)

On March 28, 2011, I realized the most meaningful popular science experience of my life, because I did popular science in the same elementary school I had attended.

In April of the same year I created the second blog because of the mistake mentioned just above. In general, in the following years I will write on various blogs and/or platforms.

On August 2, I got interviewed by the cultural association Chimicare for being the youngest participant in the Carnival of Chemistry.

In my late teens I had an interest in various science subjects: astrophysics, physics, astronomy, astronautics, chemistry, and mathematics. As you may have guessed, I like science in a broad sense.

In mid-November 2012 I learned about Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication through Jeremy Rifkin's book "The Empathic Society." I got into the "softer" sciences through a Facebook group I attended.
In the spring of 2013 I learn about the world of trading and the Quantified Self. Ten years later, I graduated in statistics with a thesis only possible because of the amount of data I had collected about myself, about an occasional problem of mine. So in 2013 I tasted data collection and statistics, the hard science that acts as an auxiliary to all other sciences.

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